Family disputes can be incredibly complex and painful, not just legally, but practically and personally too.  Our lawyers fully recognise the difficulties family issues present and provide our clients with a service that responds to their specific needs.

In keeping with our ethos, we encourage clients to consider all forms of mediation in the hope that a settlement can be reached without the need for Court attendance, whether the matter concerns finances, children or other family issues. There are, however, situations where a family issue cannot be resolved without the input of the Court and in those circumstances we are dedicated to representing our clients’ best interests.

Our lawyers are experienced in handling all aspects of matrimonial work and a Partner oversees every case. Members of the matrimonial team have experience in contested and uncontested divorces, financial disputes, pre-nuptial agreements and child abduction cases. The team also has significant experience in cross-jurisdictional matters, where one or more parties and/or interests may be based outside of England and Wales. In these cases we ensure we have the necessary understanding of the local culture and legal system.

Where it is necessary to involve a barrister, we take great care to choose the right one for the client and we take pride in our long-standing relationships with some of the top Family Chambers in London.

Key areas:

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